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Beginning phase of Marwina Hospital startup plan

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Amar Ramadhin, the minister of health, received a welcome visit from Pierre Bourguignon, the agency’s new country manager. One of the topics of conversation during the visit was the loan from AFD for the operationalization of the Marwina Hospital.

Due to ongoing financial negotiations, the project was not completed. The information of Public Health states that a debt adjustment with the Paris Club, of which AFD is a member, has taken place and that the ministry will soon be able to operationalize the Marwina Hospital once more.

The Ministry and AFD will meet in January 2023 to define the strategy for the Marwina Hospital’s gradual operationalization. A functioning emergency room, pharmacy, radiology department, and ambulance service will all be established in phase 1. In phase 2, efforts will be made to plan specialized missions and recruit specialized personnel for the hospital.





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