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Bee wants to wrap up today’s “current issues”

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One of the current concerns that will be debated in the National Assembly later this afternoon is the uproar around the Mennonites. Regita “Asawini” Edenburg’s expulsion and the debt rescheduling with Oppenheimer’s investors will both require explanations. In an interview with the media, Assembly Chairman Marinus Bee makes these claims.

The National Assembly’s queries for the government regarding the current state of affairs are on the agenda, as are the government’s responses. This meeting is a continuation of the one on May 8. The meeting will start at 2:00 PM.

Bee claims that the reason the meeting was scheduled for Tuesday was so that President Chan Santokhi could attend. This meeting could not be held last week because the president was abroad at the time. “I hope that the questions asked by the members can be adequately addressed, so that we can conclude this meeting,” says the Assembly chairman.

In addition to these issues, questions have also been asked about the investigation into the deadly shooting at Pikin Saron, over a month ago. So far the cause of death is unknown. The next of kin await the autopsy report. Questions were asked about, among other things, the exchange rate development, the International Monetary Fund, fuel prices, cyanide research at Brokopondo and electricity rates.






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