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Bee urges national development

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Assembly chairman Marinus Bee, the secretary of the ABOP, thinks that for the nation to advance, there must be unity. People ought to help one another out when a nation is struggling. Bee points out that it appears as though people are practically thrilled when others are having problems. On Tuesday, Bee urged the crowd at the André Kamperveen stadium to unite.

Bee requested a connection between the two presidents, Chan Santokhi and Ronnie Brunswijk. He maintained that all 600,000 people were required for country formation, not just Santokhi and Brunswijk. He rejects the idea of a split Suriname. The politician claimed that while oil and gas would arrive, the population would not advance if there was no national unification. He claimed that if there is not unity, the money will not be managed in an ethical manner.

People need to quit thinking in terms of populations, according to Bee. But to adopt a Surinamese mindset. In need is Suriname. It cannot be compared to ABOP, VHP, or NDP. The issues need to be resolved jointly. Suriname will sink if the boat sinks, so people shouldn’t be joyful if things aren’t going well in the nation. Bee encouraged nation-building.




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