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Bee: Three days of debate on electoral reform

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De leerlingen van de Alexander Sweetschool hebben op woensdag 24 mei een bezoek gebracht aan het ministerie van Landbouw, Veeteelt en Visserij (LVV), waar ze hebben geleerd hoe ze planten kunnen verbo...

The numerous models that can be preserved with regard to changing the voting system have been discussed over the past three days, according to Marinus Bee, the head of the National Assembly (DNA). Bee stated that no decision has yet been made but that discussions regarding potential voting system modifications will take place when the president arrives. The electoral rules were altered during the second Academic Week. Three days were spent in discussions.

All of those folks were invited to participate in groups that have been studying various models and proposals for a while. Presentations followed the lawyers’ explanation of the judgement in the beginning. The CEO of DNA claimed that progress toward a model has now been made to a starting point. A simple majority is not required to pass the Electoral Act. As effective communication is essential throughout the planning stage, it is crucial to incorporate political groups and leaders early on so that their perspectives may be taken into account when creating a law.

There have been presented several modalities. In order to create a draft law that will eventually be offered in DNA, according to Bee, people need to start conversing again and having a discussion.




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