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Bee: The government needs to put forth more effort to meet its goals

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To reach its objectives, the government needs to put in more effort. Additionally, it must work above party politics and improve communications with society. When asked for a reaction regarding the upcoming three years of elections, Assembly Chairman Marinus Bee responded as follows.

“I request that the government refrain from pursuing populist policies in an effort to win the future elections. For the coming generation, policies must be pursued, adds Bee. He expects that public health, safety, and education will receive more focus during the next two years.

Bee observes that Suriname is a democratic country. Elections are held every five years and once more in 2025 because of this. He claims that “as a nation, we now face a challenge to jointly amend the Election Regulations. Even if it will be a difficult task, we must succeed,”adds the lawmaker.

Disagreements within the coalition are typically discussed in terms of political platforms. As an illustration, vice president and ABOP chairman Ronnie Brunswijk has been open about his opposition of the coalition. He frequently laments the dominance of the VHP and the lack of funding for ministries where the ABOP/PL is in power.

The Assembly chairman responds to a query by saying, “I think there will be more cohesion in the coalition. Good things have been done in recent years, but there are areas where the coalition needs to improve in order to regain the trust of society.”







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