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Bee on price development: People need to be safeguarded

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The rising development of the currency rate must be controlled. In an interview with the media, Assembly Chairman Marinus Bee makes these claims. The coalition and parliamentary leadership made the decision to meet with the government as soon as possible to discuss the course development on Wednesday. The people need to be protected, so we’ll have to take action, Bee says.

Within the coalition, it has been remarked that the administration is not doing enough to change the direction. The Assembly chairman emphasized that “no one says or does anything and we cannot perceive this any further from our duty.” The Central Bank of Suriname is now offering a rate for the US dollar that is higher than SRD 31.

You can see how many groups are currently protesting due to the SRD’s devaluation and people getting into difficulties, Bee explains. The runaway pace and continued depreciation of the national currency are of grave worry. In a short period of time, the price increased from SRD 21 to above SRD 31.

The Assembly Speaker claims that although the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has published recommendations on the currency rate, they are not set in stone. The populace must be safeguarded. The Assembly’s leadership would want to meet with the government to discuss the current state of the currency rate.





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