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Bee: In 33 years, ABOP became well-known

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The yellow-black party has made its influence on society during the past 33 years, according to ABOP secretary and Assembly chairman Marinus Bee. The party was established on February 11, 1990, and is now well-known. Although it has worked for three different governments, the ABOP has never been independent. The ABOP aspires to perform well and gain a better position in the future elections. Since the 2020 elections, the party and Pertjajah Luhur have had a partnership agreement that has been reaffirmed.

Bee, who doesn’t enjoy himself at parties, believes a review is necessary for the 33rd birthday. The ABOP initially entered the center of government in 2005, when it had just one seat. Ronald Venetian was in office at the time. The party joined the Bouterse 1 administration five years later. Currently, Chan Santokhi is president and Ronnie Brunswijk, the party’s leader, is vice president.

People in the interior did not typically pick up the phone and call fifteen years ago. That is a success for the ABOP, Bee claimed. Additionally, it wasn’t always possible to see television inside. The reason the party was created should be respected. This movement was essential to bringing development to the nation’s most underdeveloped regions.

The fact that individuals in the nation are going through a lot of hardship does not make the ABOP proud. Not even on the evolution of the price and exchange rate. Due to its shared accountability, the party does not remove itself from mistakes. Bee asserts that in order to improve things, we must put forth more effort. In the remaining period in this governing combination, much work must be put forth in all positions. There is not only an economic crisis, but also a moral one. Young folks have been into a lot of fights recently. He urged religious leaders, NGOs, and politicians to set an example for others to follow. To make this country great, we must work hard.





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