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Bee: “If we help one another, we can overcome obstacles”

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 It is well known that Suriname is currently experiencing a severe economic downturn. We can get through this challenging time if we as a people cooperate and support one another. Marinus Bee, the ABOP secretary and head of the National Assembly, said this. On Friday, the party established a knowledge and gathering place in Para-Noord for the neighborhood in this district.

Bee urges a nation to come together, to understand one another, and to support one another. He asserts that the NDP has already driven Suriname into poverty three times, but that each time the nation was peacefully rebuilt. He highlighted that hard work alone is the only prerequisite for healing.

He claimed that until we as a nation put in a lot of effort, Suriname will never advance. No matter which government is in charge, Bee continued, if we laze around instead of getting to work, we won’t advance. The ABOP secretary asserted with confidence that the situation in the nation will not improve even when we receive assistance from Holland and do not work.

Despite the fact that the nation is currently in a serious crisis, Bee is confident that we can all pull through if we band together and have faith in a brighter future. The politician makes an argument for a different method of conducting politics, one in which elected officials prioritize the needs of the public since they work for them rather than for themselves. He urges his party members to stay the path and to always be receptive to the demands and wishes of the populace.

The ABOP secretary claims that the group is more than merely an election party. In contrast to other political parties, the party places a high value on regular communication with the populace and does not only wish to engage with them three to four months before elections. The ABOP is committed to ending this cycle and returning to the people to demonstrate their value.

Ronnie Brunswijk, Vice President and ABOP chairman, who was also happy with its establishment, recently opened a development center that the party established because it feels responsible for the underprivileged.








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