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Bee dissatisfied with exchange rate media battle

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The follow-up meeting on the evolution of the currency rate is something that Assembly Chairman Marinus Bee wishes to schedule for Thursday. On March 31, this meeting was postponed indefinitely so that the Finance and State Economy committees may have time to speak with the financial industry. “As chairman, I’m not pleased that the parties are engaged in a media battle. When urged to address the media, Bee responds, “We won’t fix the problem that way.”

The speaker of the parliament expects to hear a report from the Asis Gajadien-led committees later in the day. The meeting will be set for Thursday if there is a clear picture of the situation. In relation to the rate development, he will also communicate with President Chan Santokhi. Following the president’s announcement of numerous measures, the National Assembly was rocked by a barrage of criticism. There have been a lot of comments and suggestions to change the direction of the course.

Bee emphasizes the need to escape the issue. You now have to turn to practical, actual models. Regardless of whether they originate from the coalition or the opposition, the Speaker of the Assembly states that all initiatives from the legislature will be discussed. “The best proposals are given to us to work with.”

Today’s public session of the National Assembly is taking place. Then, there will be a discussion of the long-pending tourism acts.






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