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Bee: “Assembling for harmony and togetherness”

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No matter what region we are from, we must unite, according to Marinus Bee, chairman of the National Assembly (DNA). “To achieve unity and togetherness, we must make a fist together. It is crucial that significant progress be made in the upcoming years for Afro-Surinamese and Indigenous people. At DNA’s workshop on the history of slavery, Bee stated that the organization is best suited to see to it that structures are given legal form.

“We therefore intend to use the outcome of this workshop to produce an initiative law in the near future that grants every citizen rights that they are currently deprived of because of the inequality during slavery. It is important to realize that the slavery past is not just a black page in Suriname’s history, but a collective responsibility that concerns the whole world. The workshop should be used as a starting point to bring about change while raising society’s awareness of the naked truth as well as promoting and ensuring a just future,” said Bee.



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