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BAZO Nickerie working group evaluates with President Santokhi

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President Chandrikapersad Santokhi had and evaluation meeting with Nickerie presidential working group. The head of state is in Nickerie this weekend for the completion of a work program. President Santokhi had set up a working group in June this year to examine the problem surrounding BAZO cards in Nickerie. The results achieved were discussed with the group on Saturday 8 October 2022. This took place at the district commissioner’s office in Nieuw Nickerie.

Stephen Madsaleh, initiator of the working group, said that even though it took a long time at times, many people were helped during the past period. Stephen Madsaleh has reported to the head of state that in August 1140 people were provided with a BAZO card and in September 1220. According to Madsaleh, it was difficult to get a BAZO card in Nickerie, this was one of the reasons for the government to set up a working group.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing (SoZaVo), which is responsible for issuing insurance cards, has introduced relaxation for people aged 0-16, people over 60 who go to school, pregnant women and people with a disability or chronic condition. These groups can be helped immediately on presentation of their ID card, school statement and medical certificates. People – including the working and non-working class – can obtain information from the specially intended information desk at SZF Nickerie.

Madsaleh said that a lot of work has been completed in order to be ahead. And he sees a lot of progress. There are still teething problems, but they are also being tackled for a faster approach. The head of state has been asked, among other things, to have the assessment for issuing the passes in Nickerie. The Minister of Social Affairs and Housing will consider this.







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