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Barricades made of uncollected trash are on Brownsweg Road

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Fuel problem has no current solution

The government has not yet found a way to comply with the oil company SOL's demand for payment of the past-due debt of more than SRD 250 million. The oil industry wants the fuel subsidy to go as well....

The Road to Atjoni has been blocked off by Brownsweg residents using rubbish bags. They don’t like that there hasn’t been a garbage pickup since before Christmas.

Two persons attack President Chan Santokhi and Acting President Ronnie Brunswijk in a video that was sent to the media. They hold them accountable for not picking up the trash.

According to the campaigners, the road won’t be cleared until the government has gathered the trash. As a protest, the dirt bags have been set up in the middle of the road.

There are many stranded folks. The situation on the ground is chaotic. On the road, there are lengthy lines of stationary cars.





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