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AZP management: Finding a solution through dialogue

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The management of the Academic Hospital Paramaribo (AZP) hopes that all parties will continue to dialogue in order to reach a solution. After more than two weeks of deliberation, the union at the AZP has decided to go on strike today. General director Claudia Redan said to the media that she regrets the situation has arisen.

Redan emphasized that greater importance is many times more important than following the path of confrontation. Redan said further that the AZP is responsible for 60% of hospital care in Suriname with a number of specialized services that are only available in this hospital.

After the union decided to strike at a general members’ meeting yesterday, intensive consultations took place. First the dispensations were discussed with the union and then there was consultation between the management and medical heads. Redan said that dispensation has been granted in such a way as to guarantee acute and essential care.

The union wants to get out of FISO and wants its own pay series. Agreement has been reached with the government on a number of matters, but not enough to induce members to resume work.




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