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AZP healthcare workers get land in Commewijne

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Het Directoraat Openbaar Groen en Afvalbeheer (OGA) heeft recentelijk, in samenwerking met het districtscommissariaat Coronie, een effectieve aanpak gelanceerd om de verkeersveiligheid te waarborgen. ...

More than 200 care employees of the Academic Hospital Paramaribo (AZP) received their land documents on Tuesday. President Chan Santokhi on this occasion pointed out the hard work that has been done in a short time to accommodate these people. The plots are located in Geertruidenberg on the Commewijne River in the Commewijne district.

In addition to the head of state, Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk, President of Parliament Marinus Bee and the Ministers Dinotha Vorswijk of Land Policy and Forest Management and Amar Ramadhin of Public Health were also present in the AZP, the Suriname Communication Service reports.

It is the policy of the government that every Surinamese must be provided with a piece of land. Santokhi said that one of the most important things people need is a roof over their heads. And before that comes, having a building plot is a must. If you use this piece of land, it is therefore useful. He also indicated that healthcare providers play an important role in society. They were also a rock in the surf during Covid-19. The head of government noted that there is certainly more to be done for this group.

Having your own lot provides stability in life. Minister Vorswijk said that it is the intention that 1700 declarations of willingness will be issued to people in the care sector and other groups as well. Those who are eligible for a piece of land will have to take the necessary steps within six months to receive the final decision. Minister Vorswijk asked that this be done in time so that the statements do not expire.





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