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AZP director Redan: Strike ended but many concerns

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The union’s strike has ended, but the Paramaribo University Hospital (AZP) is still facing major problems. The hospitals have a headache because of the high exchange rate and scarcity of cashless dollars. Claudia Redan general director also chairman of the National Hospital Council said in a conversation with the news media that they are in the middle of negotiations with insurers and the costs continue to increase.

Redan said that they are still faced with various shortages of medical consumables. However they are very pleased with the decision of the government to release 100 million for the sector. This amount is intended for hospitals, Bureau Geneespreis Suriname and several other Institutions. The exchange rate quoted by the Central Bank of Suriname continues to rise daily and now stands at SRD 26.65 to the US dollar.

Hospitals still need to implement crisis management to keep their heads above water. There is constant consultation between the hospitals and Health Minister Amar Ramadhin. The discussion about the brain drain in the healthcare sector is also high on the agenda of hospitals and the government, emphasizes the general director of AZP.



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