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Atompai: SPB anticipates the results of the conference

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The Surinamese Police Association (SPB) is hoping that the conversations with President Chan Santokhi and the experts would move forward quickly. A follow-up interview happened yesterday. According to a press release from Alven Roosveld, the president’s spokesperson, the president expressed his appreciation for the upbeat atmosphere.

Building trust between the SPB and the Minister of Justice and Police, according to Roosveld, is one of the areas for which a workable strategy has been agreed upon. The training’s organizational structure, along with other urgent issues including the backlog in administrative document processing, are also discussed.

When prompted for comment, the SPB chairman, Putini Atompai, tells the media that the minister’s confidence has been lost. The SPB claims that the minister doesn’t pursue any policies. There is currently a need for applications for a fresh round of recruits due to pressure.

Follow-up discussions will be place with the group chaired by former police chief Humphrey Tjin Liep Shie, a presidential adviser. Results will be communicated to the president. Raoul Hellings and Sergio Gentle were fired as senior officers, according to Atompai, and the union takes note of this. So, we are awaiting the judgment. When the time comes, the results will be reported to the members’ general meeting.





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