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Assuria displeased with Hakrinbank shareholder meeting

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Shareholder Assuria felt compelled not to grant discharge to Hakrinbank’s 2020 annual accounts. The general meeting of shareholders is held on Tuesday. Assuria has also withdrawn its nomination for the reappointment of Gerry Liauw Kie Fa as member of the Supervisory Board.

Assuria has not granted the discharge for the following reasons:

– The undemocratic manner in which the meeting was conducted, in which shareholders with critical questions about the annual accounts, the policy and the supervision of that policy, were silenced by the chairman of the supervisory board, Humphrey Schurman, supported by the director, Rafiek Sheoradjpanday, making these questions remained unanswered.

– The refusal of the President of Commissioner Schurman to consider a motion proposed from the meeting, supported by a significant part of the shareholders. This motion dealt with the establishment of an independent integrity committee to investigate complaints about transgressive behaviour towards women in the workplace by director Sheoradjpandy. Ultimately, this motion was only discussed at the close of the meeting around half past four on Wednesday morning, and was rejected by the few shareholders still present at the meeting, including the State of Suriname.

This state of affairs has prompted Assuria to withdraw its nomination for reappointment of Liauw Kie Fa during the meeting. Assuria said that it will be at all times committed to responsible and honest entrepreneurship and prudent policy. These values she is committed to. However, Assuria has not seen these values reflected in the management and decisions of the meeting. Which was the reason for her to distance herself from it.




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