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Assembly members want the electoral system changed immediately

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It seemed that everyone at the master session with Assembly members from different political parties on Wednesday agreed that the electoral system needed to be adjusted urgently. There have been discussions of a number of electoral system adjustment models. The suggestions will be discussed by Assembly members and their parties. Serena Muntslag-Essed, one of the organizers driving the voting system reform, tells the media that it is not a covert operation happening in the shadows but rather that there is active discussion going on.

Muntslag-Essed claims that conversations are taking place to build support for a proposed bill. There should be as much wear of this as feasible. The models that are being offered each have benefits and drawbacks. In order for the Assembly members to give feedback to their parties, communication is required. During the master session, members of the Assembly from all political parties with representatives in parliament were present.

According to Muntslag-Essed, there has been a fruitful conversation concerning the models that have been presented. The discussion is being undertaken because a consensus must be reached before the Electoral Regulations may be changed. Following the Constitutional Court’s decision regarding Articles 9 and 24 of the Electoral Regulations, this is required. These go against both international and constitutional accords. The modification should result in a fair system with a new distribution of seats by district.




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