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Assembly meeting opens with scenes of outrage

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Leden CHS en OKB beëdigd door president Santokhi

Op basis van grondwettelijke bevoegdheid zijn leden en plaatsvervangende leden van het Centraal Hoofdstembureau (CHS) en het Onafhankelijk Kiesbureau (OKB) beëdigd op het presidentieel paleis, door pr...


The National Assembly and the government have categorically denounced the events of Friday. The perpetrators are located and prosecuted. “The rule of law is upheld by all of its institutions. Although democracy has been challenged, it is still in place, President Chan Santokhi emphasized. Assembly President Marinus Bee said that the Assembly Building seemed to have been hit by a tropical cyclone. He emphasized that while there won’t be a rest time implemented, the fiscal discussion would go on. In such times, the work must be supported by the shoulders specifically. He is not struck unconscious.

Dew Sharman, vice president, stated that all actions must adhere to the rules of law and order. There is no justification for the assault on the “Home of the People.” The VHP, NDP, ABOP/Pl, NPS, and BEP factions have all vehemently condemned the looting and damage. In Suriname, such instances must never be repeated. Everyone needs to maintain their composure. It is unfortunate that a planned nonviolent protest has turned violent. The president claimed that at least 19 venues had sustained damage. The injured and impacted parties received condolences.

“Due to the worsening living conditions in many facets of society, citizens have a democratic right to voice their discontent. Nearly no one could still live in Suriname. Each day, we are slipping away. There have been a number of peaceful protests since this government took office, but it seems that the government does not give enough thought to the concerns of the populace. A new fuel increase was ruthlessly pushed through until the day of the announced protest, “Rabin Parmessar, the head of the NDP, stated. A comprehensive examination of the acts taken by the police against party member Ebu Jones is another thing he demands. The administration was powerless to control how the demonstration was handled. Contrarily, Parmessar claimed, “citizens were fired at with a significant display of force and tear gas was deployed.” He urged the administration to engage in genuine introspection and fundamentally alter its disastrous policy in order to curtail further abuses.

The president mentioned that the protest’s organizers had planned ahead and that the game’s rules had been established. There would be plenty of opportunities for a nonviolent demonstration. Physical assaults have been committed against Surinamese people. Santokhi claims that the investigation demonstrates there was a planned act. The folks who exploited the circumstance have been activated. The escalation’s contributors will all be held accountable. Now that calm has returned, the government guarantee security. The dialogue with various social groups will be intensified.





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