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Assembly chairman Marinus will call off meeting regarding education

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The NDP party members who requested an urgent meeting to discuss educational issues have received a commitment from Assembly Chairman Marinus Bee that one will be arranged. “It seems incomprehensible that our educational environment requires a critical assessment. The Speaker of the Parliament writes to the Assembly Members who have requested the meeting, “Therefore, as chairman, I will make it feasible that a meeting is convened in the near future to denounce the urgent education issues.

Eleven issues about things that are unclear and go wrong in education have been mentioned by Assembly members. They have stated that there are significant declines and difficult issues in education at all levels. They argue that there is little or no progress at the policy level, but rather a visible stagnant and destructive policy, which offers youth a hazy future and less certainty.

In order to achieve a well-functioning education system, it is necessary that the foundation of quality and good education is actually put in order,” say the members of the Assembly.






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