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Asking the IMF to construct additional prisons

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Minister Henry Ori van Onderwijs, Wetenschap en Cultuur (Minowc) heeft woensdag voor aanvang van de Raad van Ministers (RvM) een uitgebreide update gegeven over de huidige stand van zaken in het onder...

The administration can now request funding for more prison construction from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as negotiations have begun. The number of people who use social media to vent their annoyance and hurl abuses will only rise. President Chan Santokhi’s administration will feel more and more humiliated, and more people will be imprisoned and handcuffed for libel and slander.

The president vowed that there would be respite this year in his speech ringing in the new year. The magic formula is a set of actions. “Whether it is reducing inflation, pricing restrictions, fiscal relief, or new investment.” Many wage earners won’t have to pay tax this month up to an income of SRD 7,500. Price increases will be much greater in the Year of the Rabbit as a VAT compensation. Internet use entails an additional 10% VAT fee. In the intention of reducing criticism of the government, this is undoubtedly intended to discourage Internet use.

Every attempt is made to gain the IMF’s favor in order to receive a favorable assessment and generate revenue. The debt is obviously out of control, which is why the previous cabinet already chose to remove the Minister of Finance’s office from Tamarindstraat, next to Independence Square. Notes from local, regional, and, most notably, foreign creditors are stacked high on the Tower of Finance. If the IMF leaves, neither the IDB nor the World Bank will continue to lend money to the nation. Additionally, there won’t be a settlement with the creditors of Oppenheimer. The administration has no backup plan since, as a result of their mistakes with Surfin and the diaspora capital that has remained in Europe, they have already failed.

The macroeconomic tale appears promising, but it comes at the expense of common people, who are forced to give up time and time again. Any elementary school teacher in a public school can relate the sad tale of students who are forced to eat simply bread without any fillings or arrive at school hungry. The standard of living is very low, and there is a lot of poverty. While the government is looking at economic regulations, many people feel that there is no hope because the official exchange rate for US dollars and cambios is still greater than SRD 32.

Many people vent their anger by cursing at the president, other officials, and politicians. Mackoe has died twice as a result of slurs. It’s true that he had a pretty unpleasant outburst, but catching him is not the answer. If living has become prohibitively expensive as a result of the rules being put into place, whether correctly or incorrectly, who do you have to chastise? Even supporters of the regime describe her as filthy and offensive. Many of these complaints are not made on social media, but politicians would undoubtedly hear them during door-to-door campaigning. Even though calling someone dirty and dirty doesn’t change anything and is just a waste of precious energy, it nevertheless serves as a release for many. Because it will soon be necessary to appease the populace once more, but the wounds will be too deep to be forgotten. Government, leave your ivory tower; if you keep doing this, the prisons will be bursting at the seams with angry inmates!

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