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ASFA: ‘Tjong-Ahin good successor for Achaibersing’

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Wilgo Bilkerdijk ASFA chairman said that the Association of Surinamese Manufacturers (ASFA) believes that Minister Silvano Tjong-Ahin of Spatial Ordering & Environment (ROM) would be a good successor to outgoing Minister Armand Achaibersing of Finance & Planning. Achaibersing has been wanting to resign for some time now; he has put his portfolio at the disposal of President Santokhi. The head of state who asked the finance minister to stay on for a while.

Bilkerdijk is also very sorry that Achaibersing is leaving. However, there must be a successor once he is gone. Bilkerdijk said that he heard that the name of Tjong-Ahin is mentioned as a possible successor. The ASFA has also been approached for its opinion on a possible successor. Although the ASFA has not nominated anyone, a profile has been given for a successor and expectations have been expressed.

According to Bilkerdijk, Tjong-Ahin has the competences to lead the Ministry of Finance & Planning. It is his field and he fits the profile. He may be doing a much better job there than on ROM. Bilkerdijk said that he does not know how it will turn out politically but they don’t want to get involved. Tjong-Ahin has been nominated for the Ministry of ROM on behalf of the NPS, while Finance & Planning is a so-called ‘VHP ministry’.

A finance minister is an important player within the IMF programme. The changing of the guard at this post is therefore also a point of attention for the ASFA.





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