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Asabina: Which government officials do gold mining?

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Yesterday, BEP party leader Ronny Asabina particularly questioned whether any high government officials were engaged in gold mining in the Pikin Saron region. This would have stoked resentment and be tied to the current escalation. “Activities on the Grassalco concessions, especially Maripaston, are said to be one of the causes of that outbreak of violence,”

To the dismay and despondency of the public, Asabina questioned whether it was true that high government officials have also relocated to Maripaston and are engaged in gold mining activities. “Grassalco at Brokopondo must be the subject of thorough investigations,” declared Asabina. “I want to know if the Grassalco concession agreement allows for subletting of the concession. If so, may we also see that?

The hand grenades and weaponry used at Pikin Saron originate from the same place as earlier events. Asabina claims that we want clarification and further details be given to us in this regard. Between the government’s starting point, analysis, judgment, and approach to the events on the one hand, and that of the stakeholders on the other, we clearly see a field of tension. The government must make every effort to promote good communication.




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