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As of July 1, SZF will increase the premium for voluntarily covered individuals

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The State Health Fund’s (SZF) voluntary insured members’ premiums will go up. The voluntary insured are subject to the increase rather than the civil servants. According to Radjesh Radjkoemar, a board member at the SZF, in a conversation with the media, these are people who want to get optional insurance through the SZF, exactly like the other insurers.

He has no concern that the rise will lead to a decline in insurance enrollment. Because the premiums charged by other insurers are so much higher, “We are not afraid at all.” The board member claims that although the rise has been taken into consideration, medical costs have greatly increased by 2023.

SZF is the cheapest insurer of all other insurance companies. With the increase, which takes effect on July 1, we do not see people canceling their insurance or that fewer people will register. The premium has gone up, but we are still the cheapest, says Radjkoemar.

From 1 July, new premium rates will be applied based on age and category. For the age group from 0 to 15 years the premium will be SRD 270, for 16 to 20 years SRD 370, for 21 to 40 years SRD 785, for 41 to 50 years SRD 835, for 51 to and with 60 years SRD 850, and for 61 to 99 years SRD 1650.





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