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Arrears of compensation will be given to youth legislators

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Former youth MPs still owe back allowances, according to Labour, Employment, and Youth Affairs (AW and J) Minister Steven Mac Andrew, who claims he is unaware of this. The minister promises that, if the information proves to be accurate, the ministry will take all reasonable steps to compensate the former members.

The minister adds that if they have not already been paid out, former young MPs are entitled to payment of these payments. The minister made this statement at the Council of Ministers (RvM).

Tomorrow, the government will formally bid the previous Youth Parliament farewell. Before the ministry could move to a new youth institute, a number of problems from the previous few years needed to be handled.

The AW and J-minister believe that everything needs to be phased out gradually so that the new group of young people can conduct its operations in a novel and creative manner. The minister further underlines that under Kelvin Koniki’s leadership, the Youth Parliament has produced worthwhile programs that will assist young people.

Koniki has meant a lot to young people, especially in terms of looking for summer jobs for them. On June 1, 2023, the elections for the Youth Council of Suriname took place in a virtual setting. A total of 63 young people from all over the country took part in this virtual election.

Since the current government took office, an investigation has been launched into the functioning of the former youth parliament. During an evaluation with youth organizations on August 11, 2022, it became clear that there is a need for a youth council.

Mac Andrew emphasizes the importance of not clinging to structures that are not functioning properly. He explains that if an institution or organization is not working properly, intervention must be made and adjustments must be made. “After Saturday we will find out more about the steps that will be taken to ensure positive development for young people,” said Minister Mac Andrew.










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