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Answers to burning questions are not forthcoming

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Buitengewone droogte teistert het binnenland

De aanhoudende grote droogte houdt het binnenland in zijn greep. Het besef om niet slechts afhankelijk te zijn van waterwegen groeit. Boten hebben grote moeite om te varen door het ongekende lage wate...

The government is once again unable to provide timely answers to some of the burning issues raised in the National Assembly. These include the leaked letter in which fisheries minister Parmanand Sewdien makes commitments to Guyana regarding the controversial fishing licenses and the reception of Afghan refugees.

NPS parliamentarian Patricia Etnel also considers Guyana’s efforts to have Tigri recognized as Guyanese territory an urgent matter. The intention was that the government would address these issues on Thursday. However, this has failed to materialize.

According to Defense Minister Krishnaa Mathoera, who acted as coordinator of the government table, this is a force majeure situation. Some ministers were abroad on Thursday, either ill or in important meetings. She asked for grace and promised that on Monday the question raised by the parliament would be answered. Not everyone was happy with this, especially the positive tactics and coalition party NPS. All the more so because agreements have been made. DNA chairman Marinus Bee cooperated with the government’s request and this also did not come across as pleasant.

The NDP faction leader Rabin Parmessar said that they had a clear appointment on Tuesday. These are urgent questions about fishing licenses. While they are talking there they are being disgraced internationally. The NPS faction is more or less in line with this assumption. The  NPS parliamentarian Patricia Etnel said that the Constitution says that the moment they as parliament ask that the government must be accountable, the government must be there . And they are the highest of state, so they cannot accept that the government, which is a guest there in parliament, his answers. She is particularly upset at the lobby that Guyana has started to get maps recognized on which Tigri is ‘annexed’.

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