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An organization of New York police volunteers pays President Santokhi a visit

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The New York Auxiliary Police Foundation’s founder, William Rivera, paid President Chan Santokhi a visit yesterday. Rivera and the president had a discussion about a number of interesting topics. The New York Auxiliary Police Foundation is prepared to aid Suriname in a number of ways.

Rivera claims to have noted areas where assistance can be provided. Following support for the police, fire department, and children’s homes, it will be assessed which services are in need of assistance.

Rivera used the occasion to give President Santokhi a prize “in recognition for supporting and visiting our community.” Along with his group, the volunteer also visits the Sanatan Dharm and Nos Kasita children’s homes as part of the program.

The largest volunteer police force in the United States is the New York Auxiliary Police Foundation. She is a member of the New York City Police Department’s Patrol Services Bureau (NYPD). These people support the police by aiding in the delivery of services to the neighborhood. At significant events, they support the NYPD by providing uniformed patrols, traffic management, and crowd control.

The delegation, which will be in the nation until Saturday, December 24, plans to return to Suriname to provide its assistance to the community. This is in exchange for both material support and starting a collaboration with the American embassy.






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