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Amoksi welcomes Weerwind; new dimension in relationship

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Human rights, tackling corruption, support with legislation in Suriname, probation, legal aid and prison services are on the agenda of ministers Kenneth Amoksi of Justice & Police and his Dutch colleague Franc Weerwind (Legal Protection). Amoksi welcomed Weerwind at the Johan Adolf Pengel airport on Saturday. The minister met the Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Sigrid Kaag at the airport, who was on his way back after a two-day visit to Suriname.

The ministers will also consider bilateral treaties they wish to enter into with each other. Amoksi talks about a new dimension in cooperation with the Netherlands in the judicial and police field. He also refers to the recent visits of high judicial bodies to Suriname, including the Supreme Court of the Netherlands and the Common Court of Justice. It is the intention that Minister Weerwind also has a meeting with the president of the Court of Justice and the Public Prosecution Service, reports the Communication Service Suriname.

Weerwind has good expectations of his visit to Suriname. “My expectations are to get to know the country well and see projects well. So I have good expectations.” The minister is looking forward to the discussions in Suriname in the field of justice and police. He recalls the visit of Minister Amoksi to the Netherlands, during which he was invited for the working visit. In the coming days, the parties will discuss together how further content can be given in practice to the cooperation at the judicial, police and probation service level. The Dutch minister considers it particularly important that the two countries share each other’s knowledge and expertise in these areas.

According to Minister Amoksi, the relationship with the Netherlands in the judicial and police field was revived last year. In 2021 – as part of the presidential delegation to the Netherlands – he had consultations with the then Ministers of Justice and Security and Legal Protection, Ferdinand Grapperhaus and Sander Dekker respectively. Subsequently, this year there was a bilateral meeting with their respective successors Dilan Yesilgöz-Zegerius and Weerwind.








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