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Amoksi: The crowd surprises the security services

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Volk betaald voor rommelende autoriteiten

Deze foto hierboven symboliseert de actuele en realistische situatie die de doorsnee Surinamer ervaart. We betalen voor de financiële rommel gemaakt door de autoriteiten. Onlangs, op 16 juli zat reger...

Even with the best planning, anything might happen after the first shot is fired. When asked if the security services had failed in the rioters’ activities during Saturday’s press conference, Army Commander Werner Kioe A Sen defended Justice Minister Kenneth Amoksi. According to Amoksi, the security services lacked adequate readiness.

The gathering “has caught the security services off guard.” The minister also acknowledged that the services lacked some necessary qualities to carry out their duties effectively. It is no secret that the Ministry lacks the funding necessary to guarantee that the necessary equipment is available for the services.

He acknowledges that the mobile unit responded to the attack late. Worst have been avoided, Amoksi said, adding that they must be ready for all types of eruptions in order to quickly transition to adequate protection. “This lesson cost a lot of money.” In the upcoming weeks, he expects to receive enough funds to buy the supplies need to uphold law and order and combat crime.

Army general Kioe A. Sen commended the security services for maintaining composure. “We are also a part of society, and we also have to deal with the strain of money.” He described how the security services had to pick up objects hurled at them and endured various forms of verbal abuse. The colonel finds it commendable that there have been no deaths in spite of this. “You can still make the best plans, but it can always end badly.”





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