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Amoksi disputes the pay of SRD 3000 aspirants to the BBS

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60-jarige overlijdt ter plaatse bij frontale botsing

Bij een frontale botsing tussen twee personenauto’s aan de Magenta-kanaalweg ter hoogte van de Magentakanaalbrug op 30 mei jongstleden, is de 60-jarige mede inzittende F.S. ter plaatse overleden. D...

According to Justice and Police Minister Kenneth Amoksi, discussions have taken place to normalize the situation with regard to the BBS’ers. “We are experiencing a really trying time; practically every sector is having trouble. They are a part of society, and BBS demonstrates that they are struggling,” adds Minister Amoksi.

There is a safety collective regarding their allowances, and regular meetings with the consultative body are held. The ministry will undoubtedly pay what was agreed upon, but there might be additional problems. The minister claims that it is untrue that candidates receive a salary of SRD 3,00.



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