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Amoksi considering filing a summary lawsuit against the Police Union

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The Surinamese Police Association may face summary procedures, according to Justice and Police Minister Kenneth Amoksi. The removal of police chief officers Raoul Hellings and Sergio Gentle has been the subject of numerous false and erroneous publications, the ministry claims.

The ministry added in a separate statement that “interim injunction proceedings are being contemplated against those who want to impede the police from carrying out their constitutional duties.”

The Ministry of Justice and Police reassures the public that the proper processes and standards were upheld while imposing the dismissal of former police officers as a disciplinary measure.

The ministry is taking all necessary steps to ensure that society has the right to the order, peace, and security.

The basic police, the Motor Surveillance Service, the Regional Assistance Services, and the Armory will temporarily cease operations, according to the police union’s general meeting. Additionally, it doesn’t help with the parade’s planning for November 25.









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