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Aloema wants OM investigation into ‘messwork’ mooring facility Albina

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Assembly member Ronny Aloema (VHP) is concerned that the new boat ‘Le Malani’, which is to maintain the ferry connection between Suriname and French Guyana, has been on the chain for months. The ferry cannot be deployed because the Albina mooring pontoon is very unstable. Aloema told the news press that research has shown that the facilities were set up without a thorough riverbed study. The French delivered the docking place of St. Laurent on time in 2018. He asked for an in-depth investigation by the Public Prosecution Service (OM). According to him, the work has been done.

This ferry project is an Interreg Amazonia 2014-2020 cooperation program between Suriname and French Guiana. NV Havenbeheer is the counterpart of Communaute de Communes de l’Ouest Guyanais (CCOG) with which a cooperation agreement has been signed for the implementation of the programme. Aloema said that it is an open secret that the work performed in Albina is a mess with the result that ‘Le Malani’ cannot sail.

On Tuesday a delegation, led by the mayor of St. Laurent, Sophie Charles, president of the CCOG, traveled to Suriname. She has signed an agreement with NV Havenbeheer for the restoration of the work done in Albina. Aloema believes that there should be an investigation into the bad work that has been done and who is responsible for it. He wants to know who exercises control on behalf of the State. He believes it is important that there is transparency in this matter. No text or explanation has been given at all about what happened and what the new signed contract entails.

Aloema said that he thinks the Public Prosecution Service should launch an investigation. So that those who are responsible answer to the green table. To prevent another mess from being carried out, he wants the Ministry of Public Works to be allowed in this project and for the tender by this Ministry is done. There is the know-how about such civil engineering projects. This project should fall directly under the Cabinet of the President, with Public Works providing technical assistance. Aloema’s concern is to prevent the situation from recurring.

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