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All organizations have a place to commemorate their heydays

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Andere mogelijkheden om staatsinkomen te verhogen dan BTW of...

BTW op brandstof is verhoogd van 5 naar 10 procent en gaat op 1 oktober in. De vakbeweging is niet te spreken en heeft hierover een brief geschreven aan president Santhoki. Men eist aanhouding van de ...

Chandrikapersad Santokhi, president of the Republic of Suriname, stated that the administration has chosen to link to a time period when it comes to the heydays of Chinese immigration, abolition of slavery, and Hindu immigration in order to commemorate 150 years of Hindu immigration. This is the jubilee period, which runs from the end of May to the end of October. It is hoped that all Surinamese organizations will have a place to appropriately celebrate and remember their heyday.

“We as a country are expressing the diverse groupings, not those joyous things. We are a flower garden in the country and all groups are one side of that diamond”. All groups are needed to further build and develop the country. “The flower garden sometimes come under pressure due to ethnicity tightening and sometimes bordering on racism, we can’t have that in this country.” Activities will be organized to bring unity back to society, the president said.



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