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Alfaisi: The electoral process ought to advance internal development

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Various political groups met last Friday to discuss changing the electoral system. The president of the political party DOE, Steven Alfaisi, believes that there needs to be a lot more information provided to the population in the interior. The structure of the voting process alone will not lead to progress. According to Alfaisi, it is necessary to develop underdeveloped areas, and this should be governed by the constitution. One tool for bringing development to the marginalized populations in the interior is the issue of land rights. According to Alfaisi, true progress can only occur when the appropriate individuals with management are likewise assigned to the appropriate positions.

The political head of HVB, Raymond Sapoen, asserts that every nation must have an essential election system that strengthens democracy and the state. The 25 May 2025 elections must proceed as scheduled. Any system must also abide by the Constitutional Court’s order. “We are in favor of changes to the electoral system, not just the electoral system itself.”In place of the district proportional system, according to Sapoen, there should be a national proportional system. Now that we are in a position where we can select an electoral system, we should do so.



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