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Agitators on the streets and a chaotic scene in the city center

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Others groups, such as the NDP, have backed activists headed by trade union leaders Ronald Hooghart and Michael Sallons. They occupy the intersection of Zwartenhovenbrug- and Doctor Sophie Redmondstraat. Additionally, people are seated in the middle of the road. It’s impossible to move. The group now relocates to a new area.

The unions’ ultimatum ended at midnight, Sallons declared. The administration has not made any announcements. The other organizations have chosen to support the actions because of this. Today, the group is significantly bigger. According to the NDP, today marks the beginning of a nationwide initiative.

The protesters contend that they lack the funds for necessities. The cost must decrease. It is painful to live. Sallons stated that since the government has not listened, the actions will be tightened up.





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