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Hundreds of English-speaking Cameroonians are reportedly attempting to leave their nation due to hazardous tensions with the French-speaking portion of the republic, Cameroon, according to a reliable source. English-speaking Cameroonians worry about oppression and violence.

A number of people recently departed for the Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda. The travel agency that planned their vacation hasn’t heard anything about the decision to let them go on to Paramaribo in the interim. And from Suriname, they would eventually travel to the United States of America as their final destination (US). Our source claims that there would be a humanitarian crisis with migrants trying to leave Africa, particularly from Cameroon. In order to travel to the United States of America, they paid the travel agent US$6,000 each person. Through Antigua-Barbuda, they would travel to Suriname before arriving in the US. These Cameroonian tourists are, regrettably, marooned on the islands.

A stranded Cameroonian claimed that his wife and three children had been abandoned, and he thought that women were more likely to perish on such a trek than men. He claimed that they left because they were being treated unfairly due to the fact that they speak English. That can no longer be burned in our nation or our houses according to the law. The majority of English-speaking people in Cameroon sleep in the jungle, and many of them are in need.

When asked how he learned about the flights to Antigua, the Cameroonian responded that some people needed a visa for Brazil and that her travel agent in Cameroon had informed her that it was simple to travel to French Guiana via the aforementioned islands, from which it is simple to reach the US and Brazil. Some of these Cameroonians have reportedly been detained at the Albina postal boundary in the interim.





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