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Adjustments made by KPS to issue 5000 uncollected driving licenses

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There have been various complaints from the community concerning the long processing period for the issuance of driving licenses, this will soon change. At the recently held press conference of the Suriname Police Force (KPS), Bryan Isaacs the Director of Operations, promised that there will be solution. The solution now seems to be in sight.

The Police Commissioner spoke about this on October 11 with the Chief of Traffic, Rachel Deekman and the Acting Head of Special Services Eshita Hunte. The police commissioner has been informed that there are various factors that are causing stagnation in the process. After hearing this, Isaacs instructed the Chief of Traffic to issue approximately 5,000 uncollected driver’s licenses to interested parties.

For the people whose names appear on the list of 5000 above, the Traffic Department will adjust its services for the issuance of these driving licenses over the weekend. The community will be further notify concerning the procedure by the Public Relations department.

Isaacs says that the complaints have been heard from society and that more efficient services are being worked on.





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