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Adhin: There are now 4 billion additional SRD in circulation

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According to Ashwin Adhin, vice chairman of the NDP and former vice president, there are currently three times as many SRDs in use in the nation. This involved 2 billion in banknotes in 2020. To SRD 6 billion, this amount has tripled. The SRD is now worth three times less, so it is understandable why the price has increased. Adhin informs the executive meeting in Ocer that this can be seen in the Central Bank of Suriname’s (CBvS) weekly balance sheet.

Adhin compares the federal government to a leech that should be attacked with fire. He claims that is the reason it is required to relight the fire. Light up the fire! Adhin thinks that by increasing the number of banknotes in use, the government has produced money. Where has the SRD 4 billion gone, he wonders. Adhin disagrees with the governor of the CBvS’s assertion that the SRD has a 95% coverage rate. He claims that the money press is currently running. He also criticizes the time deposit’s exorbitant interest rate, which might reach 90%.

Adhin claims that the government’s crocodile tears are to blame for everything being attributed to the previous administration. The international reserve has lately been reported to be over $1 billion by the president. The leader of the NDP questions why Oppenheimer’s debt payments of $70 million annually cannot be made. Or are people scared that the IMF would become angered?






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