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MinOWC is unhappy with student wrongdoing

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On the night before the celebration of Independence Day, students from Imeao-4 broke loose in the most commonplace fashion during a school party. The society is really outraged by this and has made clear how it feels about the immoral and improper actions.

The Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture (minOWC) vehemently condemns this outrageous display and firmly supports the rightful outrage it has sparked. It seems incomprehensible that kids would act badly and not be embarrassed to document it as if it were exemplary and common.

To firmly punish this behavior, the ministry will launch an urgent and complete investigation into this occurrence and impose the appropriate consequences on those responsible, including the administration of the school and the pupils. No one intends for young people—leaders—to tomorrow’s present themselves in such a way.

Minister Marie Levens hopes to convince the public that this occurrence won’t happen again in this way.





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