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Activists present the DNA chairman with a draft of the electoral laws

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The proposed Election Regulation was just given to DNA chairman Marinus Bee by the protest movement’s activists. The author of this proposed law is attorney Jennifer van Dijk-Silos. “We met with you last Wednesday, and you indicated that there is no concept yet. We have made the decision to present you with a notion as the first stage.” One of the current action leaders, Marcel Oostburg, stated that work might begin right away.

DNA Chairman Bee congratulated the activists after receiving the draft. “You are a partner in development. We vehemently condemn riots and looting. Politicians cannot first strive to overthrow the government before destroying the nation. On Wednesday, I had extended an invitation to join me in the legislative process. With this idea, I’m content. I’m going to send it right now to all 51 DNA members. The next stage is for people to lobby DNA members on behalf of this law. Comparing the Election Regulations to Other Laws is Different. You need 34 votes to approve this,” the DNA chairman remarked.

The “Home of the People” is always accessible to everyone, Bee concluded. “ If you wish to speak with us again, feel free. If you don’t want to sit with me, you can always sit with the vice-chairman or another member,” said Bee.

After the presentation of the draft law, the activists gradually withdrew.





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