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Acting President Ronnie Brunswijk in Kwamalasamutu  

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Currently in Kwamalasamutu village for a visit with the local populace is acting president Ronnie Brunswijk. Jimmy Toeroemang, the granman of Tareno, raised the issue of the quality of life in the neighborhood last weekend. Toeroemang includes more than 8 villages. The provision of water and power, as well as the problem of land rights, are all the subject of complaints.

The community is also fed up with politicians because so many promises have been made but never kept. The populace wants the government to step in and fulfill its promises. Brunswijk visited the region yesterday after hearing the need for assistance. He’ll be there through at least Saturday. The issues will be discussed at the meeting today. Humphrey Dundas, a spokesman for Brunswijk, claims that there is a difference between immediate and long-term fixes.

The acting president wants to address the pressing issues right away. For instance, a plane carrying food parcels is being sent to the area today. There is a food shortage as a result of the heavy rainfall that struck the agricultural areas. The Vice President’s Office poverty money is used to cover the expense of the plane and packages.

Long-term remedies are then considered. The systemic issues require greater effort and resources to address. Dundas claims that while these are well known, potential solutions ought to be considered.

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