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ABOP: Maroons should always be bundled together

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Every year on October 10, people celebrate the Day of the Maroons. This day honors the triumph of the emancipated slaves who signed a Peace Treaty with the colonial authorities at the time. The descendants of the Maroon people should be aware of the significance of banding together, just as their ancestors who successfully fought against oppression for their independence did. This alliance has the solid backing of the General Liberation and Development Party (ABOP).

For this Surinamese group, much can be accomplished with solid mutual cooperation. A lot has already been accomplished for this target group during this time of government thanks to the advanced position of the party chairman, Ronnie Brunswijk, in the cabinet. Improved drinking water supply, electrification and recently the campuses in Marowijne and Para are some of the things that have been achieved. The coronation of Ronnie Brunswijk as King of the African…

The contribution of the Maroons in society cannot be recognized. They make a major contribution in the field of tourism, among other things. By preserving their own culture and traditions, they form a direct link with the ancestors. However, they must also benefit from the progress that Suriname is experiencing and will experience in the future, without compromising culture and traditions.

In order to provide more security to this group of Surinamese, the land rights issue is continually placed on the agenda. The ABOP has included this as a spearhead. The political parties currently represented in parliament are urgently called upon to work towards reaching consensus so that the land rights of indigenous and tribal peoples can be legally protected.

This will also be brought to the attention of the government, so that further development of the hinterland can continue.

The ABOP wishes all Surinamese, but especially the Maroon brothers and sisters, an appropriate celebration of the Day of the Maroons.


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