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ABOP: Growth is accelerating

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The General Liberation and Development Party (ABOP(celebrating )’s 47 years of political independence today) main principle is one of reflection. Our young country has not yet reached the level that the party would want to see it at after 47 years. The party is not fully pleased, though.

Every time the party held co-government authority during a term of government, it worked for the benefit of the nation and its citizens. Communities in the interior, who were abandoned by previous administrations, have notably noted the development. The scenario in which the people there must live, live, and work is something that ABOP chairman Ronnie Brunswijk is more familiar with than anyone.

The continuous expansion that our nation is seeing, nonetheless, is the reason that the ABOP is not entirely unsatisfied. The numerous drinking water and electrification projects that have already been completed during the reign alone speak eloquently. Communities with access to electricity and clean water for the first time in decades. The ABOP will maintain this course. As a government party, you can give the community assurances on the matter of land distribution. Additionally, this procedure will continue.

The party is quite concerned about the trajectory of the currency rate as well as the socioeconomic agenda. The provision of healthcare and education there is likewise a significant challenge.The party chairman has consistently pounded on these concerns as a government party. It is not possible that a significant portion of the population is forced into poverty. The ABOP has consistently argued that the problem of poverty requires a structural solution.

The difficult time that our nation is currently experiencing will end. That is guaranteed to the ABOP. As a party, we are well aware that global events have a significant influence on our nation as a member of the global community. Hotter fires have been encountered by our nation, but we have always prevailed over them as its citizens.

We as a party are optimistic about the future. We are approaching a historic time. The ABOP is confident that everyone in Suriname will profit from the numerous oil and gas deposits in the medium term. The ABOP is assured that this will also happen by the actions that have been and are being taken with the policy on this issue. Taking into account the fact that the manufacturing industry is finally starting to take off.

Despite all of the hardships, it is our duty as a nation to strengthen our nation through cooperation and unity. No one else will carry out this task for us, so we need to be conscious of it.

Wan Swit Srefidensi Dey! A Happy Independence Day!









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