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Abolish all forms of opposition

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The idea of the Holi celebration characterizes our Surinamese life now more than ever. The messages of this national holiday include ones of equality and unity. As a young country, that makes us powerful. These fundamental principles of this party are supported by the General Liberation and Development Party. Due of the fact that it is impossible to tell who is affluent or poor or whether one person is in a different social position than another, dusting one another communicates the concepts of unity and equality.

We as a nation must realize that without even one Surinamese, we cannot lead our nation to greater heights. The General Liberation and Development Party is firmly in favor of this. This means that the party will always make sure that there is no split in our nation. So, this holy festival’s value of oneness is useful. This party is conscious that it is our responsibility as Surinamese to pursue progress. There is therefore no room for treating one another any differently than how Surinamese people do.

For our Hindu family members, the Holi festival doubles as the start of the year. A new year heralds a fresh start. As Surinamers, let us put all of our flaws behind us and welcome the new year with courage and optimism. The General Liberation and Development party is certain that everything will be okay. There is no question in my mind. We at the General Liberation and Development party wish a happy Holi to the entire Surinamese population.





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