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Abiomofo: “Gas supply not guaranteed due to low price”

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Het directoraat Openbaar Groen en Afvalbeheer (OGA) heeft de samenwerking met de Esther stichting op maandag 07 augustus 2023 hervat en heeft daarbij nieuwe afspraken gemaakt. Indersing Gangabisoen...

David Abiamofo, minister of natural resources (NH), claims that the price of gas is too high to ensure supply. The minister asserts that it’s critical that everyone receive EBS subsidies. “The general public has to be aware that the price of gas does not ensure the sustainability of the supply. According to Abiamofo, society ought to decide when it can contribute more effectively.

“The 28lbs bottle is used by a sizable portion of Surinamese homes. EBS provides an SRD 500 subsidy for each bottle purchased. You must spend 48.50, but each time you will get SRD 500. The money that EBS would need to spend on fuel and power goes toward gas subsidies. Everyone is subsidized, regardless of whether you are entitled to it or not. That is why we want to quickly get rid of the object subsidy,” notes the NH minister.

There has been an EBS tariff committee that has looked at the electricity tariffs. The cost price of electricity and also the gas situation. The committee consists of representatives of the business community, trade unions and the government. The committee came to the same conclusion and made the same analysis of the gas price.




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