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Abdulrahman calls the World’s attention to MEGA FRAUD in Suriname

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Raoul Abdulrahman, a Surinamese activist who has also been allowed to see the inside of a prison cell because his words did not go down well with the robbers who are unfortunately still the Surinamese government, has called on the international community to pay attention to what is happening  in Suriname.

Raoul was today in front of the Central Bank of Suriname and was online for a minute and a half. He asked the attention of the whole world to give a response to the fact that the Surinamese community has been robbed of SRD 40.9 million and that President Santokhi is not concerned at all. But meanwhile, babies died in hospital due to lack of care. In a live broadcast yesterday, Abdulrahman mentioned that President Santokhi is not even thinking about removing Minister Achaibersingh from office. He wondered how a minister who has no control over his ministry’s financial resources could still be in his place. He goes on to say that even the PG protects the man. His conclusion is that ‘ala den man nyan’! (everyone has a  part in it ), the “sheepdog” who doesn’t have a good nose thinks he doesn’t want to stick to it and the president has indicated that he wants to resign for reasons of principle.

The theft, authorities say, took place with counterfeit receipts being presented to the central bank. Subsequently, the money would have been deposited into accounts of citizens, including a number of wealthy people, who, according to their own words, knew nothing about it. The Minister of Finance and Planning, who goes by the self-adopted name ‘sheepdog’, has not even sniffed that something was wrong, nor does he take responsibility for it, as he refused to resign from his position until recently. No arrests have been made in this MEGA FRAUD CASE. Only a male who sells mangoes for his livelihood is tracked down in connection with this MEGA FRAUD. We are far from a democratic state. This is going to resemble an autocracy in the making, which must be prevented. Down with this government! If you also want the current government to leave, click on the link below to sign the petition that sends this gang of robbers home.

Regering Santokhi-Brunswijk moet NU weg! | Petities.com

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