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A Strategic Plan developed to enhance healthcare

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A workshop titled “Strengthening Nursing Services in Suriname” was held yesterday by the Council for Nursing in Suriname (RaVeSu), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), and the Ministry of Health, organized a workshop, which was held in the Courtyard by Marriott, had as its goal enhancing Suriname’s healthcare system.

The group created its first Strategic Plan (SPN) at the session and gave it to Health Minister Amar Ramadhin. The goal of the strategic plan, according to RaVeSu chairman Carol de Baas, is to offer high-quality healthcare to individuals, families, and communities at every stage of life.

With a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach, the plan tackles various areas of sickness, prevention, health promotion, recovery, rehabilitation, and death, promoting safe treatment and societal well-being. The strategic plan’s significance was underscored by Minister Ramadhin, who also emphasized the necessity of incorporating its recommendations into policy. In order to make the nursing industry more alluring, he said there is still a lot of work to be done in the areas of uniformity, working environment, guarantees, and improved communication.

RaVeSu has created the strategic plan 2023–2028 as a crucial tool to help it carry out its primary responsibilities as a council for the nursing industry in Suriname. The proposal needs to be operationalized, according to the chairman, in order to receive support. She claims that for the plan to be successful, monitoring and implementation are of the utmost significance. Priorities and the categories in which innovations hope to succeed are both crucial.

Stakeholder workshop participants discussed the six strategic areas. This relates to leadership and management, employment and personnel planning, service provision and working conditions, research and evidence-based practice and policy, legislation and regulations, and training and professional capacity.

The chairman claims that the SPN is dynamic rather than stagnant. To account for shifting conditions, the plan must be continuously modified. RaVeSu intends to strengthen Suriname’s healthcare system with the help of the Strategic Plan.







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