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A Sozavo minister briefs Ashiana, a staff member, on allowances

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Minister Uraiqit Ramsaran of Social Affairs and Housing (SoZaVo) paid a second visit to the Ashiana home on Tuesday, April 4, 2022. The employees requested that Minister Ramsaran speak to them and notify them of the situation they are considering through the Union. The director of the Ashiana home and members of the Ministry of SoZaVo were in attendance.

According to Minister Ramsaran, the workforce has already been provided with the necessary information regarding the allowances. The clothes allowance and the transportation allowance will both be paid in April 2023 with back pay going back to January 1, 2023.

These will be paid in May 2023 for the Waiting Allowance (afternoon and night allowance) and a new benefit known as duty responsibility. The draft resolutions have already been written, signed, and sent for publication and further processing. An issue with getting a permanent appointment was raised during Minister Ramsaran’s visit. Both the union and the personnel expressed a desire to meet with the Negotiating Body as soon as possible. The SoZaVo minister said he will raise this to the Council of Ministers chairman’s and Interior colleagues’ attention.

The union declared the activities will be put on hold in front of Minister Ramsaran and the media.




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