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A foundation is developing a Surinamese online book platform

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The Suriname Book Portal Foundation began the endeavor to map and digitize works by Surinamese authors in November 2019. In November of this year, a website is planned to launch, according to board member Sharon Schalkwijk. In the upcoming months, a sizable number of books will be digitalized. Between 250 and 400 works have reportedly already undergone conversion.

Cees Klapwijk, the initiative’s founder, has been working with a group of Surinamese to promote Surinamese literature through a Surinamese portal. There is a book portal in the Netherlands that offers 1300 titles of Surinamese books published over 170 years, according to research. Letitia Tjen A Tak, a board member of the Stichting Boekenportaal Suriname, makes this statement.

Making the books accessible for free online is one of the objectives of creating a book portal. The cost of purchasing books in physical form will be borne by consumers. The foundation is working hard to attract users to the online book portal in a variety of methods.

To make reading more appealing, Tjen A Tak suggests creating a website. It has become clear that Suriname needs more online literature. We’ll get things going with some Surinamese literature. The Dutch Language Union is one of the sponsors that the foundation is working with to get the site up and running.





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