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A Dental Clinic in Redi Doti opened

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On Friday, the Youth Dental Care Foundation’s (JTV) Redi Doti clinic held its grand opening. The services will concentrate on both curative care for both young and old as well as prevention (school program). On the property of dentist and foundation board member Derrick Jessurun, the outpatient clinic is situated. It involves a mobile van that has the tools needed to perform the job.

The proposal for an outpatient clinic to serve the neighborhood has been around since 2017, according to Minister Amar Ramadhin, who performed the official opening. Because this region is outside the JTV foundation’s service area, the minister describes the launch of the outpatient clinic as a historic event. Therefore, he urged expanding JTV and Medical Mission collaboration in order to enhance dental treatment across the Surinamese nation. The emphasis should primarily be on prevention and education for healthy teeth, along with curative therapy.

The JTV foundation now has a van at their disposal thanks to the Ministry of Health, which not only ensures the safety of the workers being transferred from Paramaribo but also allows them to take students from nearby schools to the outpatient clinic. The minister expressed gratitude to Jessurun for his kindness and best wishes for everyone involved in the new JTV clinic. Pokigron and Moengo will also soon have access to a JTV outpatient clinic.




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